Have You Ever Called Your Own Business?

Here’s a test. Pretend to be a customer calling to book a party or sign up for a special event at your business.

1. Is the phone answered after-hours? Amazingly, this is a real choke-point in the booking process. Many times, phones are not answered and voicemail picks up. A lot of prospects give up here. In our experience, over 40% of orders are placed “after-hours.”

2. If your phone is answered, does the person who answers at your business have all the details needed to take that persons order right now, or, do they transfer to another person or take a message? More prospects give up at this stage.

How many calls does it take your staff to book an event?

How many manual steps are involved? Returning calls, taking the order, processing the order, sending the follow up confirmations, etc.?

Is there room for miscommunication in this process?

Here’s the key point with the Internet, customers have more options than ever before. With a click they can find you, or your competitor down the street, just as easily.

With all these choices, people have less patience for jumping through hoops. When they are in the mood to spend money, they want to do it quickly and efficiently and that means “right now.” More and more this means they bypass the phone and the wait and delay that often means.

Can a booking process reliant on the phone mean lost customers in a world where your target customers are online?
Absolutely. It happens daily. Chances are you will never know about the orders you lost online.

There is an easy and effective way to turn this around for your business.

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