Stuck Between New Ideas and Old Habits?

Are you stuck in the middle between doing things the old way and trying something new?

We’ve heard of so many situations, where the new manager is full of ideas and wants to try new things, however, the old guard is happy with the status quo and stubbornly asks, “Why should we change?”

This often leads to the new manager feeling disappointed and frustrated, because the current management just doesn’t get that people are online, which therefore means that the marketing outreach needs to change. After all, the Internet, and all it brings, is causing the biggest disruption in how business is being done since the printing press!

The old boss wants the new manager to spend more time on community outreach, driving around speaking to groups, etc. Not that this is bad in itself, but when you consider that 40% of all orders are made after traditional business hours, is the top priority really to spend more time and gas driving around? Wouldn’t it make sense to button up the web-strategy and appeal to those 40% of consumers who log-on and start spending money when they get home from work?

The new manager gets it. He or she is Internet savvy, stays up-to-date on the latest trends and can tell from customer calls that people are frustrated by the “wait and delay” involved in making a phone booking. This person sees that more and more businesses are offering online booking, and that it just makes things so much easier. They are wondering when the owners are ‘going to see the light.’ But for now, all the new manager can do is shake their head in frustration.

Are you an owner, manager, or key member of the party staff who understands the critical importance of closing the sale quickly before other offers and distractions capture their attention? If so, shake, rattle and roll… do whatever it takes to change the status quo!

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