Redirect Advertising Dollars for Party Growth

The good news is that advertising is much cheaper than it used to be. Remember the days of hefty bills for Yellow Page ads, or ads in the local paper? Now, a lot of consumers have shifted away from print and Yellow Pages ads to free services like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, and others.

Today, savvy business people are re-thinking and re-directing their ad budgets towards capturing online customers. However, generating ‘interest’ online is only part of the process. Interest and buying urges are fleeting – they’re gone in a flash. Have you been there yourself? … One second you are totally focused on something, then poof, something else on the web or around the house catches your attention and you are gone maybe never to return.

Consider this, the next time you are watching TV, take note of how many TV ads stress a company’s ability to serve customers online. Whether it is Esurance talking about how easy it is to buy their insurance, or the convenience of online car rental from Hertz, or that you should book a trip with Travelocity.

Ease of use and 24/7 convenience are the new benchmarks for winning customers. Making it as easy as possible for your customer to do business with you is the key to success.

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