Did You Get a “Round Tuit Yet?

Just got back from an incredible Bowl Expo in Las Vegas.

What a great chance to reconnect with customers, partners, friends and new prospects.

The show was packed and the interest was high. I think more and more businesses are getting it, that they need to change to keep up with changing consumer demands.

A clever opening to get peoples attention as they walked by was “Did you get around to it yet?” This usually resulted in “what?” and then we handed them one of our Round Tuits! That always got a smile or a chuckle. (Thanks to Jay Clemens of Turtledove Clemens for this clever “round tuit” idea).

Many businesses have a nagging feeling that they need to do something in response to their customers and markets going online. For a variety of reasons they just haven’t gotten a round to it…now they have no excuse!

Looking for a reason to get around tuit? Call us…we’ll give you a few.

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